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For me, well I had to get my hands dirty and try video ads all by myself, before there were any courses, guides or tutorials about them.

It was MESSY. Most of my campaigns failed.

They were costing money and not producing any results, and most times I had to make 5-10 variations of the same video until I found something that stuck.

Video ads are not easy when you have to crack the code yourself.

I have made Video Ads Genius so you won’t have to.

So in summary: you could jump in Youtube right now and create your own ads by yourself, test them and hope that you strike gold instantly.

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Because we understand that Youtube ads may be confusing at first, we have created Video Ads Genius to be extremely easy on the mind and comprehensive

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With four billion daily views on Youtube in thousands of niches, we cover how you can easily scale profitable campaigns to $x,xxx a day or more.

See our funnels
We have laid down the exact plan we use to create converting funnels with Youtube ads, and how you can create these funnels for yourself without breaking a sweat. These work for in-stream and in-display ads, and work great with your list building efforts.

Great customer support
If you have any questions or need advice, we are just an email away. We answer every query with great detail.

Optimization Blueprint
We will show you how to fully optimize your ads, to make sure every penny invested is worth your time and effort. We will disclose why you should never settle for less than a 500% ROI.




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Video Ads Genius


Video Ads Genius + White Label Rights

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Youtube Ads Specifically ?

Youtube Ads are new to the vast majority of marketers. The competition is very far apart, and right now the prices are as low as they will ever be. After trying most "popular" traffic sources out there, I have settled for Youtube Ads as they have always brought me the highest conversions compared to their price.

Is Video Ads Genius a Monthly or Recurring Payment ?

No! Youtube Ads Genius is a one-time payment training. No hidden fees or funny business.

What If I Don't Have a Product, Website or List?

You do not need any of the above to get started with Video Ads Genius. In fact, I mostly use Youtube ads to drive traffic to affiliate offers. If you want a list, you will be able to build one with this method. If you already own a product, you can promote it using Video Ads Genius.

What If I'm Not Tech Savvy ?

I'm not either. That won't stop you from using Video Ads Genius. Out of the hundreds of students I've taught this method to, not one has been stopped by a "lack of technical skills". This is purely replicable step-by-step instructions.

What Do I Get With The White Label License ?

The White Label License allows you to re-brand, re-package, and re-sell Video Ads Genius. The only restriction is that you cannot give it away for free. You can add it as a bonus to a promotion you are running or even give it away as part of a paid membership program.

Can I Grow My Youtube Channel Using Video Ads Genius ?

Yes. While most of the content relates to promoting affiliate products, you will be able to drive $0.01 views to your videos using Video Ads Genius. This can grow your channel and give you the edge over the competition. Also, paid ads tend to increase organic discoveries of your videos, adding free views to the mix.


Video Ads Genius


Video Ads Genius + White Label Rights